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Truckload & LTL Services

Three Major Differences Between Truckload & LTL Services

Companies that use full Truckload (TL) shipping are often surprised at the many differences, beyond just what the respective names suggest, between TL and Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) shipments.

Of course, LTL cargoes are generally smaller, but that’s just the beginning of the differences, which can be so vast and various that it often means shippers must use a different company for each type of shipment.

  • Cost – While LTL are generally lower cost than TL shipments, the reduction is not always directly related to the reduction in the size and/or weight of the cargo.

    LTL shipments can travel further as other cargoes are added or removed from the same shipment. It means the overall shipment can travel further and incur more end-to-end costs than a direct TL shipment. But the shipper still saves money due to shared costs

  • Timing – Sharing space with other cargoes means LTL shipments can travel to many different loading and unloading points, which can increase the time it takes to reach their destination.

  • Handling – LTL transportation companies need to maximize the loads they carry to increase revenue and reduce costs. To accommodate additional loads, they may need to transfer cargoes from one vehicle to another or temporarily warehouse a shipment.

    TL shippers who are used to loading cargo onto a vehicle and have it arrive at the destination with minimal handling will need to prepare their LTL cargo differently to withstand additional handling.

TL shippers should also be prepared for the different logistics of LTL shipments, including preparation, scheduling and tracking.

The ideal solution for companies that ship TL and LTL cargoes is to find one transportation company that specializes in both types of shipments.

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By making Precision your TL & LTL freight company, you put the resources of one of North America’s leading trucking companies behind every shipment you make.

  • A fleet of rigorously maintained late-model transport trucks, including vented dry vans and lift-gate services

  • Professional staff trained and experienced in cross-border and cross-docking trucking services

  • Fully bonded and insured in Canada and the USA

  • Very competitive rates

Complete TL & LTL Freight Services

Precision’s team of experts deliver complete shipping services for companies of all sizes, for freight of all types, to and from locations across North America.

  • Expedited Shipment Services – Precision is ready when you need to ship freight safely, securely and quickly
  • One-Stop LTL Shipping – From help in making sure your shipment is secure during transport, to climate-controlled warehouse storage facilities, Precision meets all your LTL shipping requirements
  • Integrated TL & LTL Shipping – When you integrate the two, you get the best of both worlds – your cargo moves faster and you save money.

Precision Truck Lines – it’s what we do … it’s who we are

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